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3 Key Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Hiring Gen Z

Many millennia, which are between 20 and 30 years old, make every day more and more manpower. But Generation Z, a birth-date generation that started in 1995, has just begun. Just like previous generations before them, they are ready to live the experience, and it’s time to spare them a seat at the table with trainee and entry-level positions.

Monster.com, in partnership with global research firm TNS, recently released a Gen Z Workplace Report that interviews more than 2,000 people across generations. The document dissects everything you’ve always wanted to know about this age group, but you were afraid to ask. Or maybe you did not ask about them and put them in the same category as the Millennial Generation – a big miss for any employer, as Generation Z exceeds 1 million millennials.

According to the report, this is the generation that will “bring it”. So they plan to change the work environment and why they deserve your investment.

1. You are motivated by the purpose.

The vast majority of Generation Z does not just want to work for making money. Seventy-four percent of respondents say they are passionate about their careers, wanting to make a difference and have a goal. They are not there to win them, but to leave their mark.

This is huge for companies that have strong mission statements, like B companies that give something back to society and their community and make a profit. Gen Z sees such companies and wants to work for places that are aligned to their values.

Organizations with a toxic environment, lack of work-life balance, and room for growth need to restructure and look more closely at what they represent to attract the next generation. In addition, Gen Z is not afraid to go to work in a company where it feels valued. In fact, “a boss I respect” is one of the top three criteria for accepting job opportunities.


2. Gen Z are the “first real digital natives”.

The millennial generation was not born in technology. Many still remember tapes, dial-up Internet and life before smartphones do not exist.

However, Gen Z grew up in a world where they could use social media, WiFi and SMS early on. And that makes them very dependent on technology and stays connected. They are competent multitasking and can take on several missions at the same time.

There was a time when many of them claimed that an employee who sent an e-mail editing a photo on Instagram and listening to a podcast was “too distracted.” But for this generation it is the norm. They can do their job anywhere and are ready to take on new devices and social media platforms to ensure that their business is up to date and up to date.

3. If you give them a good opportunity, they will come to you.

According to 74% of the presented generation Z persons, they are ready for a good job. Focus on “good”, of course. In addition to seeking leadership and flexibility to grow and do a good job, Gen Z wants two more valuable things from his first job. Sixty-three percent require a competitive salary and 70% want health insurance offered by their employer.

Who at the end of the day keeps someone from the Z generation or not happy and motivated at work, is not just about a table tennis table, beer in the relaxation room or ready meals. We also do not find in unlimited vacations or gym memberships. Gen Z seeks passion, compensation and security to stay happy and motivated. If you can provide all three, because many companies do more, your investment will pay off with a dedicated team that will remain true to the years to come.

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