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4 tips to promote and maintain employee morale and retention

Your employees are the oil that runs your business. If they are happy, society will work better and, hopefully, prosper. A Gallup study of 192 organizations found that jobs where employees were most committed were 22% more profitable than those with the lowest levels of engagement. Still not convinced? Cvent, an online software company, found that the retention rate of high-employment employees is 18% higher on average, and the Business 2 Community reports that companies employing employees outnumber employees by 202%. have arisen.

All of this means that employee morale is an important part of a healthy business, and it can be beneficial to invest as an entrepreneur.

So, how will companies achieve high morale? Bagel Fridays and birthday cakes are nice, but they’re only going so far so far. It is possible to increase morale in an organic way by actively and systematically involving your employees. Here are four important tips to stimulate and sustain employee engagement.

1. Promote positivity

Good employee morale is crucial but can be difficult to sustain. An unexpected setback for the company or a single toxic employee can reduce the morale of many workers. Because the general feeling is so contagious, it is important to promote good ideals and good attitudes. You can do this by promoting a culture that rewards ingenuity, positive thinking and empowerment.

2. Provide tools for collaboration and communication

When employees are separated from the rest of the organization, it is difficult for them to get involved in their work. Through open communication, they feel as if they are part of something bigger.

A good way to do that is technology. If your business is not yet integrated with modern technology, setting up a “digital workplace” can motivate your business to work together. This strategy will provide the technologies and tools needed for effective and timely collaboration among your employees, regardless of geographic location. It’s like a social media site for your office that closes gaps between team members.

Community platforms enable open and easy communication between team members. They act as discussion forums and are easier to send an e-mail message. Slack, Basecamp and Google Hangouts are great entry points. If you want to simplify your workflow, applications like Trello and Wrike can be smart investments. In addition, other online applications such as Google Docs enable a collaborative process.

By creating a digital environment that encourages real-time collaboration, your employees are better able to stay in touch with each other and their projects.

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3. Audit your organizational hierarchy

The organizational hierarchy plays an important role in employee engagement. Is leadership available? Are they accessible? Do you communicate your vision and give feedback on the execution? Are ideas only communicated from top to bottom?

Management teams who clearly communicate their vision and roadmap achieve significantly better results for their employees. Because when employees know what is expected of them and what their work does, it is easier for them to understand the importance of the task.

And when the same executives take the time to listen to the difficulties of their employees and behave accordingly, it shows that they really care about their interests. While flattening your organizational hierarchy may seem like a scary idea, it can lead to significant improvements in team morale and operational efficiency.

4. Focus on employee empowerment

Employees want to learn, grow and improve their work. When an employee begins to excel, you give him more freedom and responsibility. By rewarding employees with opportunities for trust and development, you create a positive environment and encourage new knowledge and ideas.

Employee empowerment can be achieved by introducing things like a suggestion box, showing that the company is taking care of employees’ ideas or sending out our anonymous surveys, giving employees the opportunity to share their true feelings.

You can also offer entry and exit interviews through your HR department. This helps employees to feel legitimate through human contact and can help the company with staff turnover and overall satisfaction.

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